....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!

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20th Anniversary Year!

2020 marks a special anniversary for The Mofos as they complete 20 years together.  Whilst the line-up has changed over the years, the band are still going strong.  There were plans for a special anniversary gig in 2020 to mark the occasion, hosted at The Duke of Marlborough, Maidstone, however in light of the Coronavirus we will have to re-think the best time to hold this.  When it does go ahead (and it will), we can say that Paul and Steve will be back for this one off gig so definitely an event not to be missed!

To view a full list of forthcoming gigs, please see our Events page.

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Matt Trott Photography

Looking for a photographer for your wedding?  We can recommend an award winning photographer and friend of ours based in Kent: